Some news from Media Conversions!
To make it more widely available, I'm posting a web page that provides information on the Health Hazards of the various solvent glues typically used in building R2.

Current Status: I'm getting parts from the CNC shop on a regular basis. I've started a 2016 Orders List, carrying over open orders from 2015.

New Developments: a Dome Motivator for CS:L droids, based on the one in my CS:R NextGen frame bundle, is now available. CS:R Engraved Skin sets, based on the ones Paul Murphy (joymonkey) offered, and door backs, frames & hinges, to go with the Engraved Skins are now in first prototype. Also in development, to spruce up your unfinished droid, are Pasties! Pasties are 1.6mm thick versions of body parts, like power couplings, etc., that substitute for the real parts. Follow the link for more details.

Future Projects: A redesign of my legs so that they are CS:R compatible, and include the booster covers. It's time for me to start working on the styrene Dome I bought back in 2009 for motivation! First up will be a Dome ring. Follow the link for more details.

For the packaging and pricing for CNC cut parts packages see my web page at:
For the pricing for 3D printed parts see my web page at:

Frank Pirz
Media Conversions LLC

Welcome to the Media Conversions  R2D2 Construction web pages.

Background - A little bit about me and why I want to build a full sized replica of R2D2.

R2D2 Construction
There's lots more to building a Droid than meets the eye. Particularly if its going to be mobile.

CS:R ANH NextGen Frame
assembly instructions
CS:R Utility Arm Box
Dome Motivator
Dome Motivator for Legacy Styrene Droids

CS:R ANH Skins
2 Layer Skins
Engraved Skins
Mounting Engraved Skins

The CS:L Eggcrate Frame
assembly instructions
The Skirt
assembly instructions
The Fixed Shoulders - a design error with the Box Beam Legs has a minor impact on the Fixed Shoulders (see note)
3-leg Shoulders
assembly instructions
2-leg Shoulders
assembly instructions
The Box Beam Legs 
assembly instructions
The Eggcrate Center Ankle
assembly instructions
The Center Foot
assembly instructions
The Outer Foot - showing integrated assembly of:
The Outer Foot Drive
assembly instructions
The Outer Foot Shell
assembly instructions
The 3D Printed Battery Box
assembly instructions
Body Parts
Utility Arm
Utility Arm Box

Parts Packages
I have been approved by the R2BC Builder's Council to offer CNC cut parts packages based on the designs I have posted here.
Additional information on the parts packages is on a separate set of web pages. See:

DroidCon II
Media Conversions attended DroidConII and Presented two talks. See all of the DroidConII material here.

3D Models
As part of the design process I create 3D models of the R2 parts that I'm building.
I'm using Alibre Designs 3D design package and I'm publishing the models in STEP AP203 (.stp) format in English (inch) units.
The Models have been given a separate set of web pages.   The 3D models page is here.

Robot Library
Useful reference items

Information Sources - The R2 Builder's Club and lead the list!
Plastics Suppliers and Styrene Prices
Design Choices: Styrene or PVC, Which Glue & Plastic Thickness
Supplier Links

Contact Information
Contact me using: fpirz (at) media (dash) conversions (dot) net

Legal Notices
R2D2 is copyright by LucasFilms Ltd. All other material on these pages is copyright Media-Conversions LLC.

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