The NextGen Frame

Conversion to Tab Core

Some Background
In 2014 Andrew Radovich modified my CS:L Frame to have a removable Center Core. (see here for the details
). When I created the design for my CS:R NextGen Frame I incorporated a removable core and a removable rear door into the design.

The design relied on using 8 segments of
1/2 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe with an edge cut off and a mating "slider" that was glued to the frame ribs that were extended into the frame to support the center core. While I eventually figured out how to make a jig to hold the uncut pipe segments on the bed of my CNC machine and programmed it to do the slitting it's a one-of-a-kind custom solution and not something that an individual who wants to cut the parts for their own frame is likely to want to duplicate. Other methods of cutting the PVC pipe are risky. In an effort to eliminate the PVC pipe from the design I came up with the following design that I'm calling the Tab Core.

Above: The original Core 2,3 and 4 parts have been modified to have slots where they used to have semi-circular notches for the PVC pipe. A new set of ribs were added to replace the pipes.
Right: The notches are made progressively smaller from largest (core2) to smallest (core4) to make inserting the Tab Core easier.

In the beginning the assembly is a little like making a 'house of cards' - use tape to hold the first rib in place. Make sure the 'front of droid' markers are all lined up.

I'm using the back edge of my workbench as a 'third hand'. With the first rib past top of center the assembly will want to roll towards the back of the bench. Insert & tape the second rib.

Above: continue the assembly with the 3rd rib.
Right: with 3 ribs in place you can stand the assembly on end to add the 4th rib.

Below Left: trial fit the core4 panel. - You can orient the motor location to either left side or right side of the Droid.
Below Right: Insert the core panels in the locations you'll want them. There are three, but you don't have to use all three.

Panels shown here are aligned with the left/right side of the droid

Replace the Core4 panel

Above & Right: Run a bead of the #16 Weldon to temporarily hold the ribs in place
The rest of the pictures here show the core being inserted into the frame and then several views of the core in place.

In order to add the ribs for the core I'm going to have to re-do the layout of all 8 of the panels that currently make up the CS:R NextGen Frame. Since I'm making this change anyway, now is a good time to ask for suggestions for other changes to the NextGen frame. One suggestion, made a while ago, is to provide 2 of the dome drive spur gear. Doubling up it's thickness makes aligning the drive gear with the mating ring gear easier.
Have a suggestion of your own? Send me email: fpirz (at) media (dash) conversions (dot) net.