Shoulder Horseshoes

I have been putting off the design for the Shoulder Horseshoes mostly because I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to fabricate the detail slots.

This is a 3d model of the CSR Shoulder - Horseshoe made from the CSR Shoulder - Horseshoe 20140601.pdf drawing and including the Horseshoe Shim.

The image links to a 3d pdf file, click on it if you want to be able to rotate the image around and examine it from other angles. (Note, the 3d.pdf file opens in a new window. If you have problems with the 3d feature you may have to upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Reader).

After 'activating' the 3d mode by clicking on the display
select a part by left clicking on it (the part will be highlighted)
then right clicking brings up a window.  Follow the sequence
-> part options -> part render mode -> transparent
to make the outer parts transparent and the inner
details visible.

This is a part of the CSR Shoulder - Horseshoe 20140601.pdf drawing that shows the dimensions of the detail slots on the horseshoe. The image links to a copy of the full .pdf drawing

The 'ribs' are .14 wide while the slots are .105 wide. You can see them clearly in the image above.

This is and end view of the model above.

This is how I'm proposing to build the Shoulder Horseshoe.
The question is, Can you tell the difference?
Here I've overlaid one set of images on the other

In the model (no layer lines) the spacing is based on the CAD drawing:
.14 - .105 - .14 - .105 - .14 - .105 - .14 - .125 (shim)

The proposed fabrication, is based on pairs of .1875 layers with .05 notches in the edge, and a single .125 layer in the middle.
the  spacing is:
.1375 - .10 - .1375 - .125 -
.1375 - .10 - .1375 - .125 (shim)

The center notch, where the difference is .02 is about the only place that I can tell the difference in the drawings.

What do you think???

First Prototype
At this point I've completed the design and I'm ready to send it to the CNC shop for 1st Prototype. I don't expect to see parts until 7/12

To the Left is an exploded view of the assembly. That image links to a 3D .pdf file that can be rotated to get a view into the structure.

There are 4 layers of .188 with a layer of .125 in between the two sets of .188 and a final layer of .125 for the shim. I've taken the liberty of carving out sections of the inner layers to reduce the weight of the finished parts. There are a few .040 parts to bring the cavities to the correct depth as well as a 3D printed wedge.

Open Design Issue. How do builders mount their Horseshoes to their Legs? There are 'legacy' mounting holes in the legs (see .pdf drawing) or Nutserts can be installed in the some of the holes to provide screw attachment points. - Comments Please

Version 1.1 Update - 07/03/19 - I added a layer of .040 skins to the outside of the Shoulders to provide a smooth finish.
At this point I'm planning on inserting nutserts into the horseshoe. Let me know if I should do something else!
You can download a documents package that has detail drawings of each layer as well as the other components HERE.