The Box Beam Leg

Design Defect

This is defect I was made aware of in the Box Beam Leg Design. Had I published the image below when I first announced the design, more than likely someone would have pointed out the problem.

This is the way I designed the Shoulder Hub opening, thinking that the Hub was supposed to be mounted on the surface of the leg.

I'm now aware that the Hub is supposed to mount flush with the leg surface.

These are two of the Gallery Images that I was able to find that Illustrate the correct Hub mounting.

In addition to enlarging the opening to fit the hub, the Riser edges will have to be trimmed.

The Final problem will be fitting the Hub and the Nuts that hold the leg in place into the available space. With the hub flush with the surface, there's about .175 in. remaining. A 1/4-20 Nut, without the washers shown, measures about .220 in. so I'm short about .045 in. Fortunately, it should be possible to shave .05 off of the height of the Hub without causing a problem. Either that, or shave the nuts down for part of that height.